how my life change to Good Book

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how my life change to Good


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please will you marry me, no why will I marry you, is it because I got pregnant, I can't marry you and become a second wife, no I can't you, I regret falling in love with you, you never told me you have a wife, why did you lie to me, I love you with all my heart , why Ali why did you do this to me. after 5 years, hey pretty can I talk to you please,is there anything I can help u with,can I have you number I will like to talk to u later if u don't mind,hmmm sure. This is my first book, I have never write anything like this before, please you people should bear with me, I may make some mistake pls, you people should correct me, no knowledge are loss, thank you for chosen to read my book, one love ???????.


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