How It May Be Fate Book

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How It May Be Fate


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Kennedy is nineteen years old teen who's starting university in the city she's currently live at - Ozark. She moved to Ozark with her family when she was almost six years old and have been living there for 13 years now. when she was at sixth grade she talked for the first time with a classmate she didn't know before and founded , as time passed by, that he became a very dear and special person to her. After they finished elementary school they didn't get to see which other again. Tait is a nineteen years old teen thet lives in Ozark and he's about to start university as well. He moved to the city when he was 8 years old but he actually lived there from age 1-3 before they moved out to live with their relatives. His father got sick so they had to move to a city where there was a hospital near by their house ,so they moved in to their father's twin brother's. Tait didn't get to make friends that well when they first moved cuz' he missed his friends from Ozark and he wasn't in a great mood at home because of his dad condition. When they started university they were on different departments and during a road trip of school they were submitted to the same bus. When they both on the roads they were reminded by their memory from sixth grade during the ride. and little did they know they were this close from each other. Later on in the end of the trip they got down on the same station and get to look at each other . they couldn't recognize each other but they were surprised by the fact they lived close to one another when they're in the same university. Tait was a bit harsh but not cold , he never was cold, but Kennedy just stayed unbothered and she noticed his way of talking seemed to be a bit familiar to her in some way. She told him about the ride back home and suddenly he laughed out of nowhere. He didn't laugh the whole day and also didn't know why he laughed at what she said or why it didn't feel wrong at all , it like it was so naturally right.


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