1 How it all started

I was walking by the school's running track as always when I see a hot busty girl running. I mindlessly started staring at those bouncing watermelons. After a few seconds I see her look at me. I turn away instantly and pray to the gods that she didn't notice me. I continue walking to go to the gym and do my basketball club activity. After I'm done, I go take a shower. As I start heading home I bump into the girl I was staring at earlier.

???: "I saw you staring at me earlier."

Tatsumi: "Um... No! I was looking at a bird near you."

???: "Oh, really? Sorry. I thought you were looking at these."

Tatsumi: "No, no, no! I would never! Anyways, my name's Tatsumi."

???: "I'm Mine Sanchez. Sorry again for assuming."

I was nearly caught. After that we chatted for a bit then parted separate ways. That was just the beginning of my harem.

Tatsumi: no no no i would never

(she almost caught me red handed!) but can I know your name mines Tatsumi.

Mine: My name is Mine and sorry again for assuming.

After that we chatted a bit and then parted ways and that was the start of my harem.