6 The Mission Check List

i needed an ID card to access the elevator and not just a regular ID but a special personnel ID card to gain access into the Black room(where the Blackbox was integrated).

A flash drive to copy the Black Box program, USB cable, couple of wires to bypass some security cells and panels but if not wires any conducting material would do just the same. A screwdriver, tape, powder and a micro processor which could be found in any smartphone.

I felt like Mickey Mouse and Dora the explorer all mixed into one and the urge to say "this is a surprise tool that will help us later" after I thought about the power made me to crack a smile.

With all the limitations I had with the bypassing tools it was left for my genius in computer systems and hardware remodification to showcase itself and yes, those are just names I made up with no one actually majoring in them. It was a habit I caught up as a kid.

I searched around the office and was able to find most of the materials needed and as for others I had to improvise. For example I was able to find the tape, multipurpose screwdriver which also had a switch blade in one of its compartments, USB cable and the flash drive in Brian's desk drawer.

Those were things I was likely to find in an office except for the multipurpose screwdriver which was a bit weird and out of place but luckily it was there and as for the more office irregular items I had to fashion them out with what was available.

Since any conducting material would do the job I grabbed the two calendars in the office; the wall calendar and the desk calendar. Inside the wire coil binding used to hold the pages of a calendar in place contained a metallic conductor so with that I acquired my wire cables.

I also grabbed a couple of office pins because you can never have enough conductors in these types of scenerious.

Now, all that was left was the micro processor. I wasnt going to magically find a smartphone in Brian's drawers so I just sat down on the floor with all hope lost because even with everything else the smartphone and the processor in it was a major item to have in order to succeed.

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I contemplated stealing one from someone outside the office but if I get caught by the person then the entire plan would turn to dust and I wasn't ready to take that chance plus I couldn't really leave Brian's office with his secretary outside.

I sat down in dread for ten minutes regretting ever making the jump in the first place

"What the hell, if I had only jumped into the right person at least even if I wasn't able to gain access into the Black room Brian would have had a smartphone with him that I could have used to bypass the panel. If only Amanda had one of her own—" I wallowed in despair

Finally it hit me, children of this time period usually have phones they use to communicate with their parents and surf the internet especially enabled kids. Even I had one during this time and I was in an orphanage, well I made it myself but still

I remembered when Wendy, Amanda's friend reprimanded me for not calling her about the kissing stuff and it got me thinking

"what phone would Amanda have used to talk to Wendy about that, surely not the landline or Brian's phone" I pondered to myself as I got up and ramage through Amanda's backpack in search of a phone


I zipped open from one pocket to the next, one section to the next and after all hope had seemed to have been lost I finally found it in a secret pocket, I found the smartphone.

"YES!!" I let out a little scream with hands raised up in a victory stance

I quickly stuffed the phone back inside the backpack then I went back and grabbed the other things from the desk that i had scavenged and stuffed them inside the backpack as well then I zipped the bag shut.

*click* *click* *click*

I walked over to Brian's Computer which was password protected at first but after like three seconds of handling the keyboard and making lots of typing noises with my mouth I broke the password like a champ, without a sweat.

I tried searching for vital information but they were things i already knew and the real essential information wouldn't be in a pawn like Brian's computer anyway so i left that idea.

I paused for a minute to think then I came up with another idea where instead of the other stuff I used the computer to write a program set on a time delay of twenty three years and uploaded it into the flash drive then i created a new Webster account; therealtimetraveller@webster.mail which i also linked to the program i wrote on the drive.

My original plan was to use a time hack where after I got the code as Brian I would put it in a time capsule and bury it at the right spot until it was time and I would retrieve it in the future but now that I think about it it was a really stress filled plan which wasn't well thought out

After I was done with the programming i cleaned my digital footprint on the computer, wore the backpack then I climbed the desk stretching my entire body upward afterwards until I managed to reach for the air vents.

I used the screwdriver to open the air vent cover on the wall and tried entering when I remembered that I forget something, I forgot the powder and Brian's fingerprint, the two most important things.

"I can't believe I actually forgot those two things, stupid" I said and tapped my forehead

From the desk I bent down and opened the last drawer then I took out some chalk from their box and as for the fingerprint I went dumpster diving, well trash surfing in this case.

Using a tissue paper from the desk as fingerprint protection I brought out the boxes the hotdogs had been in but since I didn't know which was Brian's and which was mine I grabbed both and stuffed everything into the backpack.

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