5 Infiltrating GHA Headquarters

" Are you sure about that mister?" Prince's glare picked up some intensity

"hey look kid, it was funny enough when you started doing your little rap thing here but this is private property and you are starting to become a pain on everyone's..." Brian said then ended his sentence with a mumble as he took a slight glance at me

"yes, alright but look mister there's something seriously messed up about your daughter if I can even call her that" Michael set his sight on me with distain behind he's glance

"..." Brian left Michael without a reply and just stared at him

"Common Amanda lets go in. That's enough talking with your new friend for today" Brian took the hotdogs and held them with his left hand which also held the briefcase then he extended with his right hand

"O—OK dad" I replied and looked at Brian's extended hand for a second hesitating to do what I know he wanted me to do

'God this so embarrassing' I thought and slowly raised my hand and Brian held on to me and pulled me along as headed for the entrance. Whilst leaving i turned back and looked at Michael with concern in my eyes then I whispered "the fuck?" and turned back.

The entrance had a security check-in stationed with two security officers inside the booth and few meters to the right was a revolving glass door that needed identification before allowing passage through.

We walked past the booth and one of the officers called out to Brian and the man also went as far waving his hand at him and sticking his head out from the front opening of the booth

"Where did you rush off too Mr Nevel? You didn't even hear me call out to you just as you were rushing to your car. It's a good thing that you didn't trip down the steps"

"go stand by the door Amanda I'll be just a minute, I need to clear up with these guys first"

"Oh you don't have to clear with us Mr Nevel, we already know you and all this is just a formality anyway" Melvin the security officers said with a smile

"Good day Mr Nevel" greeted the other security officer Boris who was occupied playing a video game on his mobile phone, Messenger of the Apocalypse

"Good morning Boris, still addicted to video games I see" Brian said then turned back to Melvin "don't worry about it Melvin, it's no trouble" He said as he dropped his briefcase and the Boxes of hotdogs on the check-in counter and reached into his jacket pocket and picked out a pen.

"aren't you going to cover your boxes of hotdogs Mr Nevel?" Melvin inquired as the hotdogs were just sticking out to public display

"What do you mean?" Brian asked as he pulled the paper records to sign his name then went on to stick his prints on the digital notebook

"by the side of the box there's a slit, if you reach under the box you can pull out a lid for the box from that slit" Melvin said picking the records and keeping them back to their original spots

I walked to the door while Brian did what Melvin said then when I got there I waited turning around to see Brian and Melvin discussing about something else. The distance was close but still far enough for their conversation to remain inaudible to me.

They spoke for not more than a minute then they shook hands and afterwards Brian bent down to pick up his briefcase then the boxes and then he walked over to me. He brought out his ID card and swiped it across the card scanner unlocking the doors.

I was the first to pass through the revolving doors with Brian following right behind and after he entered I could hear the doors auto lock behind us.

Inside the GHA Headquarters was an astonishing sight and the ambiance was embracing, Amanda's overwhelmed emotions come through to me again. Sparkling white tiles covered the floor and security officers positioned at every corner all dressed in white with their black batons strapped to their belts.

Right in the middle of the room was a super sophisticated central processing AI with luminescent screens atop displaying interchanging colors at five every seconds interval.

To the right was an elevator. We walked towards it but this elevator needed identification to work as well. Brian with his ID card still in hand placed the card on the door and the elevator opened. The GHA employed a system where a layer over their elevators had scanning technology.

"The beauty of typograph layer moduling. I always wondered but I guess this is what they did with it" I whispered taking in as much information as I possibly could.

We got in and the fifth floor button was pressed then the doors closed as our ascension took place from one floor to the next and on the third floor the elevator stopped then a lady with her daughter entered and turned their backs to us.

The lady pressed the button for the seventh and last floor then she turned and both her and Brian exchanged pleasantries while I tried avoiding any contact with the girl until the doors opened again on the fifth floor and we stepped out.

I stood quietly for a minute after getting to see the fifth floor, it wasn't what i imagined it to be, mundane and ordinarily simple with just a bunch of desks and paperwork.

Brian had his own office as the managing director of the logistics department but besides that nothing else in the room deserved a second look. It still surprised me at how the GHA was able to replace WHO while looking like this. Connections really mattered a lot and how they managed to privatize a global body just flew above my head.

We entered his office and sat down, Brian behind his desk and me at the other side. He gave me my share of the hotdog which we both ate and threw the wrappers and box in the dustbin beside the desk.

He started to fill out some documents while i waited for the supposed FATHER AND DAUGHTER DAY but it looked like this was going to be it, me spending the rest of the day looking over at a strange guy.

An hour and a half passed and Brian was still at it arranging documents. With me having nothing else to do I decided to do some information surfing with my eyes while I moved my head around and then I looked over at one of the documents Brian had and it wrote on top UNIFICATION OF TREATMENT FACILITIES...


"Hmm?" I grunted

"I know you are bored but rightfully you are supposed to be in school as I arrange all these stuff, not really my fault" Brian said and smiled with eyes still planted on his work

"that's not it" I replied

"What is it then" He asked flipping to the next page of his documents

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"This document over here" i separated the said document and pulled it out "what does it mean?" My inability to see the complete heading restricted my understanding of the subject


He dropped his pen then took a pause from his work to looked at the file i had in my hand "Ooh that file, it's something that you wouldn't be able to understand" he smiled

"common dad, since I have nothing else to do we can as well just talk about your work and pass the time, for starters we can go with this" I flailed the document in front of his face

"alright madam, alright" he transitioned from a smile to a chuckle and I could see that the tension from being chased from school and the kid outside had left him

"well once am done approving it all hospitals globally are going to give easy access to people with the Dot Log implants, no need for long waits to get a meeting with a doctor. Something like that"

"Ooo, that's nice" i gave a fake smile which prompted Brian to continue

"we are doing great work here Amanda, just imagine... blah blah blah..."

At that point I stopped paying attention to what he was saying. I was occupied with my own thoughts 'so that's how they started gaining clout with the Logs, first they brought the notion to easy Medicare with it then for those still stubborn to get implants when the Pyrex 9 broke out they were treated like second class citizens to those who had the Logs making more people to want them and the benefits they brought... Very smart'

Another hour passed with me and Brian both sitting in silence 'looks like my coming here was a burst huh, fuck. I should have just returned when I failed entering into Brian's body but we know what other consequence that would have caused' I thought

"Sorry about not giving you attention on our father and daughter's day but now I'm done so let's get it on"

Just as he was getting ready as he was arranging the documents and keeping everything back in place the landline rang with a message from his assistant


"Yes?" he answered

"sorry sir but I was just told to inform you that there is an emergency meeting scheduled for 1pm today and you are required to be in attendance"


"yes sir. I suggest that you start getting ready" she insisted


He looked at me with puppy dog eyes "I'm so sorry, i just got a meeting meant for next week moved to this afternoon by 1pm and i have to get things ready fast"

"1pm?" My expression changed and i got a boost of energy. Slouching on the chair earlier i sat upright and looked at the time on the clock, 12:21pm.

"Its almost 1pm Bri— dad" I said and he took a look at his wrist watch to confirm then the doors opened, it was his assistant coming in to remind him of the meeting scheduled for one 1pm

This was my chance, the opportunity i had been looking for since i got here and now everything was lining up for me to carry out my plans. I almost couldn't contain my joy

"Amanda i'm going to go to my meeting but I'll be back soon, wait for me here and if you need anything Eunice will be right outside to take care of anything you need, OK?"

"OK dad" i replied.

Brian went out and seconds later poked his head into the office through the door saying "since our father and daughter work day has been cancelled I will find a way to make it up to you, I promise, alright bye"

Left all alone I locked the door behind them and contemplated on how i was going to get my hands on the GHA Dot Logs Black Box program from five stories up while it was in the sub level AKA the underground basement floor.

I needed a plan and I needed it quick and not just any plan I needed a plan that accommodated my current dilemma, being in a grade schooler's body trying to sneak into a highly secured room, download codes and return back without being caught.

I didn't want to do anything that would change the current time stream I was in too much, just jumping into the wrong body already had its butterfly effects that I haven't calculated for.

Unlike my previous plan which needed Brian's body to work in the case of just strolling into the room using my ID card and biometrics to unlock all closed doors and my authority figure as determent for any suspicious eyes now I had to do a lot of sneaking around and bypassing in order to succeed.

For the plan to succeed I needed really suphisticated equipments to handle some aspects of the bypassing but since I didn't have those I had to look for easily assessible materials that could give me the same results. I looked around the office for said materials

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