How I became a Monster of the Apocalypse
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How I became a Monster of the Apocalypse


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What is How I became a Monster of the Apocalypse

How I became a Monster of the Apocalypse is a popular web novel written by the author Church_yll, covering TRANSMIGATION, ACTION, APOCALYPTIC, SYSTEM, FANTASY, MONSTER ABILITIES, COMEDY, WEAK-STRONG, ADVENTURE, REGRESSION, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 38.1K readers . The novel is being serialized to 37 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The notion of monsters during the apocalypse always cause the imagery of gigantic creatures with destructive powers and fangs that could bite through anything but what if in actuality they were less monstrous in form and more human in stature but with terrifying abilities and desires Desires that draws them like magnets to humans and makes them steal the most precious thing a human can possess, their life force What if these monsters weren't created by accident but by the actions of people who thought it okay to play God and change everything it meant to be human. This isn't a story of what ifs but a story of how our MC became one of these monsters while trying to save the world In a world where humans find themselves heading to a potentially apocalyptic end after more than half the world's population just upped and vanished without a trace and the ones in charge of protecting the people, The Global Health Agency(GHA) keep lying about the cause and playing it to be the result of the most deadly virus ever known to man. The reason's because they were the ones responsible in an attempt at playing God Tired of the secrets and the oppression Akin Samuels has no choice but to battle against the system with nothing but his superior and almost godlike intellect just to find the truth then put an end to the powers in play and help his fellow man as they cling to their very own doom bringers for support. Unknown to him all his actions were already precalculated and necessary for the second phase of the grand plan to come to fruition and at the moment for the second stage to come into play he dies and is sent back Reborn as a being of terrifying power with no memories from his previous life and a lustful drive for the life force of other humans he finds himself thrown into a world with forces that defy reason which has been in existence without anyone taking notice of them. This is the journey of Akin Samuels and how in his attempt to save the world he ended up becoming a factor in it's destruction

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Seems ok, i havent read the full thing yet, but the details are nice, I guess it deserves attention, so with mire effort, and more chaps, so it cat make it to the top of the updating list, for more attention, and tgen, it would probably make it to the #1, hopefully😃


Author here supporting his work🙂🙂 Only from the Synopsis you can tell that the plot of this book is unlike anything you have ever read or seen anywhere else. The description of things happening is Soo good that it makes you feel like you can see the places and scenerious yourself A good read and worth the support


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