"Ouch!" Kai said in a low voice.

A severe headache hit him almost tearing his skull apart.

"Damn, whats happening?" Kai opened his eyes and saw that he was inside a limousine with an extravagant design and decoration inside. There were wines of different kinds on the side.

"Where am I? What am I doing here?" Kai said as he moved his eyes around because hes to weak to move

"Sir, we're almost there" A woman in his twenties spoke.

From the first look, you already know that she is beautiful. Her face has a clear outline and has a high nose bridge. Her hair was so smooth you can see it shine from a mile away. Her body is also quite good. The dress shes wearing reveals all her body features making a man salivate.

"Where?" Kai asked.

"You have a meeting at the Sun Corporation sir." The woman spoke as confusion was seen on her face.

"Maybe he was so preoccupied with his thoughts he forgot about it. Oh well." She thought.

Kai was confused as hell when he suddenly layed to the chair as he screamed.

"AAAAAHHHH!!" Kai shouted as his head suddenly got another headache that his body can be split in two.

"it hurts!"

Kai was holding his head when memories suddenly flooded his head making him faint.

"Sir?" Kais secretary opened the window from the front.


"Lets go to the nearest hospital." The secretary said in panic as she did not know what to do.

"But maam, what about the media? the paparazzi?" The driver asked while knitting his eyebrows.

"Keep your eyes on the road!" The secretary panicke more.

After calming down she said, "Lets just go to the house."

"Yes maam"

The secretary then made preparations like cancelling the meeting and other importabt things scheduled for the day. She then called an ambulance to go to the house.

Kai opened his eyes and saw the woman whom he saw at the car. He also saw a doctor doing something with his arms.

"What are you doing?" Kai asked the doctor.

"As it turns out, you fainted from exhaustion. I suggest you need to rest for at least 3-4 days before continuing your career." The doctor smiled.

The doctor was about in his fifties and was the best doctor at the country. He had high achievements and was the highest paying doctor.

"Fainted?" Kai murmured.

Kai suddenly got struck by realization and remembered everything.

Kai was a celebrity, a famous celebrity. His net worth is almost 200 million dollars per year. But not just that, he also have many endorsers and sponsors making him even more money.

He specialized in almost everything. Be it singing, dancing, playing instruments and acting.

He also is good at oyher sports like basketball, volleyball and soccer.

He also is intelligent being a ceo at the no.2 ranked company in the xountry.

He also is handsome. He has a high nose bridge, thick eyebrows and two blue eyes that can take your soul away. His body is alsovgood because he works out everyday.

In short, he is the perfect man you can dream for, BUT he has an ice cold personality and was rarely seen smiling. But with this personality, his fans more and more loved him thinking that he is cool.

"Um.. sir? Are you alright?" The secretary asked Kai.

Kai then woke up from his day dream.

"I'm fine now, thanks' Kai tilted his head and smiled at the secretary.

"Is he smiling at me?" The secretary blushed as her heartbeat got stronger and stronger.

"Ummm... please excuse me sir i need to go to the bathroom." The secretary then ran toeards the bathroom leaving the helpless Kai confused.

Whats with her face getting so red?" Kai thought while scratching his head.

Kai then got a clearer view of the room. The room was ridiculously huge with a huge bed on the center, a tv, a few chairs and tables and a huge bookshelves. Apart from that, the room was plain with no decorations inside.

"Reflects his personality, no its mine now" Kai thiught as he sighed.

He was an ordinary man at his world. He was called Neil. He was having a good life until a group of bullies went to him and beaten him to death. They also robbed his hard earned money with the bystanders not even helping him.

Kai then sighed again as he pitied the real Kai.

He was again lost on his thought when the secretary went back on the room.

Kai remembered her name as Pia. He hired him baxk then because of her skills. But he nevwr had any feelings for the girl even though shes beautiful.

"Oh yeah, I need to maintain my cold expression" Kai playfully thought in his mind.

When the secretary saw the stoic look on his face she couldnt help but thought that he only smiled at her because he just woke up and still not well.

They both looked at each other. When they saw each others eyes, Pia looked sideways while blushing and Kai remained

expressionless but inside his head he is screaming, "SHE'S BEAUTIFUL".

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"And thatt should be it. You just need to rest and have some sleep as many as possible. Dint overdo yourself." The doctor looked at his clock. "I should be going then. I'll check on you tomorrow."

Kai nodded at the doctor and looked over at Pia busying herself with loads of documents.

"Hey, Pia" Kai called her.

"eh? umm. wheres the document again... umm.." Pia scattered the documents pretending to look for something because shes embarassed to look at Kai

"Its been hard on you. You also need to rest." Kai said in a serious voice.

From his memory, Pia is a hardworking girl anx she deserved the spot she was given.

Even though her body and face is beautiful, she was extremely innocent.

"But sir." Pia countered

"No buts, Im not asking you. Im ordering you to have a rest. Am i clear?" Kai said.

"I just need to arrange some important thjngs sir."

"Be quick then" Kai said as he closed his eyes hoping to sleep.

"Um sir?' Pia called him.

"What is it?"

"Am I staying here? I may disturb you." Pia asked while her face was looking down.

Kai opened his eyes and saw Pia looking down.

"Depends on you." Kai said as he closed his eyes once again.

Her face flushed becoming red as an apple. Her heartbeat got faster and stronger making her head dizzy.

"No, he probably wont like me anyway." Pia thought as she continued her work while ocassionally looking at the sleeping Kai.