How for can an original go? Book

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How for can an original go?


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Oliver, after being born diseased and a waste of space, makes a wish on his 18th birthday but then mysteriously died. Many years passed, and he's given the choice to leave the realm of dead but at the cost of having to protect the world. Then transported? He was unsure but he had been reborn into the world of Velsa not so human, Oliver begins his new life as an original and must quickly figure out how to quench his desire for inhumane practices that begin to plague his mind while remaining a "hero" as he comes into contact with the living races of Velsa. (System) [Host's desires can no longer be ignored ... human disguise has shutdown. Find a food source within 24 hours or host will die.] Oliver now must live his life among the humans he once considered his peers, while searching for information in this new world. Oliver's dream to be something more than just a crippled man with a second chance and to keep his promise to the god of this new world but this begins to twist into a thirst for strength and control. This leaves him with one question: How far can an original go in this world? Author Note: This is my first book, if you have any criticism or notes on my book please type up a comment @ me. (I do not own the current book cover)


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