It was the middle of summer when all the schools are closed down and in full-on vacation mode.

At this time many students were either enjoying their vacation with their family or with their friends.

Some are on beaches with friends or some have gone overseas with family but in this group of students, we could find some students who would spend their time themselves feeling lonely.

Among them was Rehan who have neither family nor any close friends to spend his summer vacation.

Rehan has always been a lonely child. He doesn't have family nor any relatives who care about him.

His parents had died in an accident when he was only 5 years old. His parents were both orphans so he didn't have any relatives to take him.

His parent's property was left for him.

Since he has nobody to take him in he was sent to an orphanage but when he was 10 he left the orphanage.

It wasn't that they mistreated him or anything it was just that he felt that he didn't want to become a burden to others.

Even when he was in the orphanage his everyday need was taken care of via his parent's inheritance or his scholarship so he just left the orphanage saying he will live in his own home.

If it was said by others orphanage wouldn't have given permission but cause it was him they let it be,

Rehan has always been talented and was one of a kind genius, he has always been a gloomy child so when he left the orphanage nobody became nosey and let it be.

It had been 12 years since his parents died and he was left alone in this world 🌍.

Rehan like his all previous summer vacation lived in the boarding house of the school.

He had sold his parents inheritance and bought shares in many companies.

Even he is only 17 years old, his net worth is hundred of million.

But he likes to stay in school as it becomes his castle during vacation time as nobody was there to annoy him.

He was always been a lover of loneliness.

Ever since his parents died he always felt that this darkness and loneliness will never leave him.

He was popular among his classmates and teachers as he was not only an academic genius but was also talented athletic.

He has many die-hard female and male fans.

He was on top of the pyramid.

But he has nobody to lean to when he needed someone.

He was lonely, He has many admirers who would become happy when he got medals but he didn't have any friends who would become sad with him or lift his mood when he failed in something.

So, he didn't get the sense of happiness or sadness anymore when he achieve anything in his life.

He has become numb to it.

When he was small his parents would support him and love him whenever he participated in activities but now he has no one.

So he found comfort in books.

Books don't judge you, they will make you laugh, cry with a single turn of the page.

They will take you to a cultivation world where swords fly, they would take you to ride dragons and phoenixes, and they would help you to become male lead or female lead and whoever you like.

Rehan would travel the world and universe with the single choice of the book.

Recently Rehan has started reading a book named " ALL IS MISUNDERSTANDING" but he didn't know what was misunderstood in this book.

He has read more than half of the book but he didn't get what this book is trying to convey.

Further, he read this book more interesting it gets.

This story wasn't your typical poor cinderella girl married to rich prince.

This story is fully about the rich heirs and heiress.

This story revolves around 3 powerhouse family of A country.

Where it seems Ml loves fl but he also cares about the villainess.

Fl and villainess were best friends and they both like ml but won't quarrel with each other for him.

Their relationship is quite complicated.

The most complicated person is the villainess's brother who is everywhere in the story but also wasn't.

This novel make his mind dizzy but he couldn't bring himself to discontinue it.

Just like every previous night, he read the book and then slept.

However, in the middle of the night he woke up and found himself surrounded by fire.

Rehan was frightened but he couldn't get out of the room and there was nobody to help him too.

As he was thinking of how to save himself ceiling fell on him.

' Am I going to die here, but I haven't even finished the book and I didn't even know why the book was so confusing,' Rehan thought as he took his last breathe.

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