7 Prepare For Trouble, Make It Double

| Stella P.O.V |

I know what the fuck just happened. What happened was a loophole. Apparently, I didn't set a limitation when it comes to using certain abilities in tandem, allowing for power limitations to be bypassed with the right combination of abilities. That's going to be patched.

What Izuku unknowingly did was combine the abilities of Shadow Projection And Light Projection and create two intelligent constructs. Ya see, Shadow Projection allows one to create intelligent constructs but those constructs aren't solid, they are more like ghosts, only able to interact with the world to a limited degree. Light Projection, allows one to create solid constructs like swords and shields but it can't create intelligent constructs like Shadow Projection.

When Izuku used both shadow and light projection at the same time he accidentally created two solid, intelligent, and free-willed constructs of both light and shadow respectively.

The light constructs is obviously izuku's good and or heroic side just from the way it talks. So I don't think I have to worry about it.

However, the shadow construct worries me because according to standard anime theory, the shadow is supposed to be evil Izuku or Anti-Izuku... Izuku Black? I don't know, but I don't think his shadow construct is evil. Izuku himself dosent have an evil bone in his body and, despite feeding off negative energy, Shadow Projection isn't an inherently evil ability. I gave him light projection for free not only because it matches his actual quirk and would keep people from being too suspicious of his new power but also because of how edgy shadow projection is. Gotta balance out the yin and the yang.

The only question now is where are the constructs? They've probably gone off somewhere because I don't sense them in Izuku or near him. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but I do know this won't be the last time we meet the intelligent constructs.

| Shadow Construct P.O.V |

In a dark and desolate place made of grayish-white stone, there is the sound of a crying child. The being crying however was not a child, It was darkness incarnate and it had fled from its creator out of fear. It was scared. Its creator had not meant to create it and if he knew of its nature it was sure he would reject it. Possibly destroy it.

It did not want to be destroyed, even if only for minutes it had experience living and was hopelessly addicted to it. But at the same time, it did not want to live without purpose, purpose his creator could give. The being could not decide whether to risk it all and go to the creator or play it safe and not meet him at all. So it sat there in that dark and desolate place with its knees clutched to its chest repeating "help me" over and over again in its cracking and crying voice.

It would have continued to do so for many hours until it remembered its fellow created being. He knew that unlike him, his fellow created being would not be rejected by the creator even if its creation was an accident too. Its nature was the embodiment of everything the creator wanted to be. It knew this from the memories it inherited from the creator.

The creator wanted to be a hero, to bring villains to justice, to save the innocent, to be strong. It could be strong, but not a hero, for it was a manifestation of the creator's hate, cowardice, loathing, despair, and rage. It would sooner kill a villain than arrest one. Such was its nature. But maybe, just maybe it could do something to impress the creator.

The creator hated the villain known as Muscular. If he could kill the villain maybe the creator would accept him the same as he would accept his other creation. As soon as the thought was finished, it knew its next course of action, no, its new purpose. It would find and kill the villain Muscular to win the acceptance of the creator at all cost.

The being of darkness got to its feet and looked up from the ground, no longer crying or asking for help. It stare with its white misty eyes at the big blue planet in front of it, Earth, and with a thought disappeared from the moon's surface and reappeared on the planet to begin its search.

| Izuku P.O.V |

It was Friday at 6:30 in the morning when Izuku woke up from yet another dream he couldn't remember. For the past two years he had been getting up feeling happy and he had no idea why. He wouldn't complain tho, since it was better than waking up to nightmares.

"Izuku it's time to wake up, breakfast is almost ready," his mother shouted from the kitchen.

"I'm up!" Izuku shouted back from his room. "I'll be down in a few minutes."

Normally his mother would go to his room to wake him up but in recent years it became unnecessary since the sleep deprivation he suffered from was caused by the nightmares he no longer had.

Izuku got ready for his day and went to the kitchen to have breakfast with his mother. When he got to the kitchen, his mother had already finished making breakfast and was setting the table. He walked up to help her to assist in setting the table.

"Good morning, Izuku," Midoriya Inko said warmly to her son.

"Good morning, mom," Izuku returned her greeting with a smile of his own as he grabbed dishes and helped her set the table.

When they were done setting the table, they sat down to eat while listening to the news on the living room t.v. The reporter talked about the weather, current events, and most importantly, at least to Izuku, heroes. He watched and made many oohs and awws at the heroes being mentioned causing his mother to giggle at her hero fanatic son.

The mood was light and relaxing until Izuku realized he had no eggs on his plate. Normally, he would just get some more but that required him to look away from the T.V which he did not want to do because of a hero fight being replayed on the T.V. So without thinking he lifted his plate up and asked as if it was completely normal.

"Sis, can you put more eggs on my plate?"

The room was silent for a while with only the T.V playing. Wondering why there was no response he stopped watching the T.V and turned to the table. He saw his mother holding her hands to her mouth with a single tear streaming down her left eye. Only after a few seconds of wondering why his mother was crying did he realize what he had said.

"Mom I..." Izuku started but his mother interrupted before he could finish.

"It's ok Izuku," Inko said taking her son's hands in her own. "I miss her too. You know, after you stopped visiting her grave and your mood had improved I thought that you had finally come to terms with her death. But I guess that isn't the case. I know there isn't anything I can do to make your sister's loss any less painful for you Izuku but if you need someone to talk to I will always be there to listen." Inko said trying to reassure her son.

"I... I know mom, thank you but don't worry it was just a bit of a slip-up." Izuku responded with a small smile and hugged his mother to calm her worrying heart. Though he doubted she wouldn't worry because that was just how Inko Midoriya was. She was a woman who worried for everyone and would cry at even the worst and most cliche sob stories. To others, this 'quirk' sometimes made her troublesome and sometimes it made her endearing, but to Izuku, it just made her mom.

Izuku and Inko broke the hug and continued to eat breakfast in silence while watching the T.V. Izuku was pondering why he mention his sister like that as if he forgot she was dead. A female news anchor appeared on the screen along with two pictures of children with darkness and light-related quirks.

"In recent news, the child vigilantes that have been dubbed by the web as Lux and Umbra have been spotted again, this time in Tokyo and New York respectively. Since their appearance two years ago they have made quite a name for themselves by taking on not just Villains but heroes as well. Umbra in particular is popular due to a large number of villains he's encountered going missing. As of now, over five thousand villains worldwide have gone missing after encountering Umbra, and four thousand more are suspected to have gone missing because of him. Local authorities and heroes have tried to reason and forcefully take them in but all attempts at reasoning have been ignored and all attempts to apprehend the two children have failed. People have started to question the reliability of heroes due to the multiple failed attempts at apprehending the children. Some are even calling for All-Might to get involved, however, no remarks from the number one hero about the case have surfaced. If you or anyo-"

"Jeez, I wonder what could have pushed children like them to become vigilantes," Inko remarked.

"No one knows for sure," Izuku started. "Lots of rumors about them are all over the internet. Some people even claim that they are their lost children or sibling. But you know what I think?" Izuku asked.

"Tell me," Inko answered.

"I think they're someone's quirk."

Inko's face donned a confused look waiting for Izuku to explain.

"Think about it mom, their children yet they've been all around the world without anybody seeing them at any airport or ship, which should be impossible with their quirks. The police have stated that the children have mutation quirks so they cant turn the eye-catching feature off whenever they want to. They would need to be rich enough to bribe lots of people or have an underground connection to smuggle them into the countries they want to be in. But if they were rich the police would have narrowed down which families they belonged to by now, but they haven't which means they're not part of a rich family and even if they had underground contacts they would probably be tracked down by underground heroes or informants by now. This is why I think someone goes to different countries on their own and uses their quirk to make it seem like Lux and Umbra are moving around on their own. Not to mention that they haven't seemed to age at all for the past two years." Izuku finished.

"Wow Izuku, that's a very amazing deduction" Inko congratulated with hand soft handclaps. Truth be told she didnt understand most of it since he started his high speed muttering towards the middle but she caught the gist of what he was saying. There was one thing he said that bothered her tho."But if Umbra and Lux are just quirks how does the person control them when they are in two different countries and why hasn't this person been caught already when all the authorities would have to do is check fight records and stuff like that to see if a person was in every country when Umbra or Lux appear?"

"That's true but...Oh, shoot! School starting and I'm gonna be late. Love you mom see ya later~" Izuku voice trailed off as he was out the door and running away.

| Stella P.O.V |

Finally, the day has arrived. Cannon is finally starting! I can finally start giving out real quests and the little project I've been working on will finally get some spotlight.

I've been living the shut-in life for like two years now and I've had nothing to do but talk to Izuku and train him in dreams. It isn't all that bad since I can use my system powers to access the internet and create any and all food and drinks I want, even if said food only exists in fiction. While eating isn't necessary it's still a pleasure that I let myself enjoy. Just like the pleasure I enjoyed when I used my powers to create and watch No Game No Life season two.

Ahh, the hero battle is happening. Woah, Kamui woods has got to have some serious agility to make the jumps he did. Ahh here comes Mt. Lady.

"Canyon Cannon!" Mt. Lady's shout comes out my monitor's speaker.

So far everything is the same as canon, Izuku scribbles out notes on her quirks and heads to school. Boring everyday classes happen, the teacher brings up future careers and everybody but Katsuki and Izuku start using their quirk. But this is where the similarity to canon end, because unlike canon, Katsuki isn't saying anything about being better than everyone. Even his posture is different, instead of leaning back on the chair, like in canon, he has his head on the table in his arms, and instead of bragging about how he aced the U.A mock exams he simply calls them all trash and tells them to give up on being a hero. They all start shouting at him for insulting them but one explosion and a death glare is all it takes to silence the masses. The teacher also dosent bring up Izuku's UA application as he does in canon. The classes carry on as normal, the school day ends and Katsuki leaves without a word to Izuku, like every other day.

The changes to canon are minimal so far. While I would prefer for there to be no changes at all this early in the timeline it's pretty interesting watching the butterfly effect.

Speaking o the timeline, the sludge villain incident is going to happen soon. Should I warn Izuku? Nah, with the training and powers I gave him he'll be fine. I'll just make defeating the sludge villain an emergency quest.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

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