How did god made you? Book

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How did god made you?


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"Come on lets go to the next street, i am hungry" lorreteo said as she ran across the road with holding her hands with daniel without realizing. "Lets go there. That place serves local dishes which are tasty " daniel said. And with that their journey of eating began. Lorreteo trying all the different snaks and daniel busy paying them. Finally being satisfied both of them returned to the school from the back of the gates being caught by the teacher redhanded for bunking during the break. The teacher being a tomato from anger shouts at them "You, you you both... you both are really good students especially daniel, what happend to you huh? Being a senior student you... and what about you miss lorreteo? Did you came here to study or to bunk huh? Your both send to detention." The bell rang and all the students went home except for lorreteo and daniel who were given extra work at the class 11-B. Lorreteo being at the front and daniel taking the seat behind her ; both did their work when lorreteo felt very bored and layed her head on the daniel's writting sheet. "You did your work ?" Lorreteo asked "Get your head out, i need to finish" daniel said in angry tone "Nop!" Lorreteo says as she pouts "Ohh come on" daniel says as he says in anger tone Then he goes near to her head and he places a soft kiss


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