How Cool Is That?: From boring to being an Assassin. Book

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How Cool Is That?: From boring to being an Assassin.


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BORING.. The best word to describe Jewel's life. "Now that you're a single Mom, what are you're plans?" asked her bestfriend. "I plan to have a small sari-sari store" she answered with a smile. "That's it?" asked her bestfriend bewildered. " That's it" she answered again with a smile. "How about boy's?! How about you're lovelife?! How about getting laid?!" she asked again with a shocked face, panick can be detected in her voice. Jewel just smiled on her remarks which made her brows arch. "Why are you so boring?" she asked poker faced. Eversince her live-in-partner decides for them to stay in the province with his family, her life begins to be so boring that she gives up on living, thankfully her son was there to keep her sane. ______________________________________________ To escape from her horrible nightmares Jewel decides to work Overseas enduring the pain of leaving her son, not knowing that the plane she boards into was about to explode leading her to a secret institute in the middle of nowhere. "Where am I?" " You're in Sector 7" Said a man in a white lab coat. "Wh- Ahh!" feeling a sharp pain, she immediately put her hands in her head. "Drink this to help lessen your pain" he said, giving her a weird colored capsules and a glass of water. Feeling Lost, instead of taking the capsules she asked "What am I doing here? And... Why don't I remember anything?" The man put the capsules and the glass of water in the table beside her. He looked into her eyes with a very serious expression, and answered. " You're name is Target Villfort, and you're an assassin" he said, enunciating every word. The only words that got stuck in her mind was ASSASSIN and What The F*ck. (Cover photo not mine. Credits to the original owner/artist)


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