1 ninja weapons / modern concept

nunchucks/chains weapons

when against anyone wielding this weapon, do not get distracted or you will defeat yourself.

e.g. broken nose, dropped chucks, limbs bruised and my personal pet hate from christmas classics

the nut crackers.

Ninja Caltrop

put it straight, this is the most used weapons of our time by my guess everyone will encontre, lets start with personal ones

e.g. legos brick , marbles, pet food, cottenbuds, toe nails. (ew feel creepy and is gross).

Combat Arm Gauntlets and gloves


this i admit looks cool but (no offence to shedder) must be challenge to not scratch.


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1. you get itch on your ass , your will look like sliced meat.

2.need to pee cut it off (or poison yourself claws dear ohw)

3.ruin the curtains/ sofa

Ninja Foot Spikes

still in use today from sports to work rugby football(both) soccer ,rock climbing lumberjack a lot.

do i really need to give examples here they hurt.


there is a classic blows needle sized projectiles (ewww needles shiva) using one's own breath how could it go wrong.


1.sneezed miss shot( aaarrrccchooo)

2.breath to deep swallow needle ?darts?

3.plain drop the needle (you try finding that in the dark)

Ninja Stars/ kunai (throwing stuff)

imagine a toddler throw a tantrum all parents should know accurate they are, and how much they hurt toy train /car /spoons / plate and everything else they can lift .

Hidden Weapons

cane sword (cool pimp cane)

Stealth Cat Ring(knuckle duster)

Hidden Credit Card Knife (steven seagal legend)

Concealed Umbrella Sword (the man from uncle)

Lipstick Knife (tsundere or Yandere)

Comb Knife (its pretty much a shiv)

Ninja Swords

they are swords ???????