How (Not) to Summon a Archdemon
novel - Fantasy

How (Not) to Summon a Archdemon


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What is How (Not) to Summon a Archdemon

Read How (Not) to Summon a Archdemon novel written by the author Weaponmaster on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A rare genius to servant. A victim bullied by grandpa and grandma, became a grim reaper. A guard bocame a captain. A cannon fodder became more efficient cannon fodder. But when he died, he become an archdemon of hell. "Soul for a wish, what is your desire?" "Real anime waifu!" "..." Follow his story while he was an archdemon of hell. Note: My mother tongue is not english so be prepared for future error, and do please type on the comment what the error so i can fix it. Chapter -1chap a day. (Do understood if sometimes no chapter everyday) Artwork is not mine or any portion of it. Artwork by Harshanand Singh Visit my Wholesome song channel - https://youtu.be/zWrioPXAqj4


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Here goes nothing, but before that, do I have the right's to put 5-star in my work. Of course I do, duh! 😅 But what so you think?... Leave a review of what's your thought.


I haven't read this, but I will keep it inside library and let it simmer under low medium heat until it's 50chapter... So hope you keep updating, we would await you and please, don't throw in the cliche 'My mother tongue is not English' sh1t.... It's an excuse for a loser, believe me... You may thought that I insult you, I can assure you that it's not. But you can't deny that's it's a lame excuse. If your English is bad, then write it down "My English is bad, so please be patient " or "I'm still in the middle of learning and improving my English through writing, so hope you understand"..This excuse would be better for my opinion. Don't just throw your mother tongue is not english just to justified your bad writing and grammar... It feel like insulting when you said that. And again, I'm not insulting or scolding you, just putting a bit of my personal opinion here..


Here I go, diving this unknown ****. 😎 Here I go, diving this unknown shit. 😎 Here I go, diving this unknown shit. 😎 Here I go, diving this unknown ****. 😎 Here I go, diving this unknown shit. 😎


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