Housewife Became A Substitute Reaper Book

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Housewife Became A Substitute Reaper


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A housewife accidentally stabbed a reaper and now she has to be a substitute reaper to reap 100 souls or be sent to Hell to serve the King of Hell. *Winner of Silver Prize for WPC#229* This is a modern love story with a fantasy supernatural twist and elements of revenge, retribution and lots of funny moments. Valeria Brinstrone is an abused housewife in the city of Zarin but one day, when a reaper came for her, she accidentally stabbed him and now she has to be his substitute to collect 100 souls while the reaper heals or her soul will be sent to Hell to serve the King of Hell. This book in short: Comedy + System + Modern + Supernatural + Revenge + Romance + R18 + Slice of Life An extract: “Are you crazy?” she blurted out. He rolled his eyes. “No, you wanted a guideline so you need to kiss me to get the guidelines transferred to your consciousness,” he explained. He tapped his luscious, oh so deliciously enticing, lips. She couldn’t help but stare at his enticing lips and licked her own lips in anticipation. Then she snapped herself out of that line of thought. Oh dear fish sticks and all things fishy and unholy. He is a reaper. She is half-swooning over the thought of kissing a reaper, for fish sake. A handsome, gorgeous reaper. But still, a REAPER. “Oh woman, stop it, you are making ME blush!” Ari said. He reached out, grabbed her by her neck and then planted his full luscious lips on hers. Add to collection to read more! *Warning: There will be some dark morbid moments about death and dying people when she reaps the souls & there will also be scenes depicting domestic abuse. NO RAPE, NO SEXUAL VIOLENCE* Disclaimer: Background art used on cover is not by me.