Hot Pursuits Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Hot Pursuits

Marva Dale

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  • 53 Chs

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Interpol agent Ross Breslin is in hot pursuit of a mysterious con artist who bilks wealthy European men out of their valuables, and who goes by the name of Adrienne Devareaux. As soon as he makes contact with Adrienne, Ross finds himself intrigued by the beautiful and enigmatic femme fatale who steals money, treasures and men's hearts. He must infiltrate her operation and find out the identity of her partner, while pursuing his gorgeous mark from France to Italy and on to the Middle East. Once they do connect, they can no longer ignore their lusty passions for one another and indulge in a hot, steamy love affair across Europe. Unfortunately for Ross, he now has a hard time separating his job from his romantic interest in Adrienne; and as he digs deeper, he finds out more than he bargains for―not only Adrienne's real identity but a dangerous, double-cross smuggling operation that threatens them both. Hot Pursuits is created by Marva Dale, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.