1 Prologue

"Damian!" I shouted to the man that pondering on himself like he doesn't have other important things to do. He then gracefully turned his head and sweetly smiled to me.

Ah, I hate this. My other siblings and him filled my days with endless hope for another day to come. But now, I want for the time to stop. Stop so that we can stay like this forever. Enjoying the company of each other. Letting our feet goes wherever the wind blows like a pollen getting swayed by the breeze.

Even if I bring death to mankind, I will do it as long as I can longer stay with you. How come we are immortals when we can disappear without a single trace on a father's whim.

I run as fast as I could to the lovely man that contrast on our dark surroundings his hair are like snow in a midnight of winter. And his eyes are the hue of the deepest part of the ocean that doesn't get reached by the sun. All of my emotions that I kept inside are flowing out through my eyes. I immediately wiped my eyes as it blurred from my tears.

"D-Do you believe in reincarnation?" I said while panting from running and weeping earlier. I can't believe this are the things that came out from my mouth. I have many other things I want to say, to ask, and to confront to him.

"No, that are only made up by humans. Remember that they were merely but flesh, their soul is like a passing breeze that never returns." He said without breaking his sweetest smile. Smile that everyday he show and gave to us and smile that we will miss.

How fortunate it would be if time really stops before our downfall starts. We can all stay together forever, and like a painting we can never be tainted even how evil the onlookers and the world is.

But I guess our painter made us this way. From the start his creation is made to be tainted. He made an artwork that purpose is solely to become a tool for his wrath on his audience.

"Thalia, Thalia said that there is a possibility that there are another worlds. She saw a being that soul is different from the soul in this world. And after a few days she can longer find that being and that is when father also goes down here. Father isn't the type that always in here with mortals unless there is something really important to do." I said frantically. While, he is looking at me calmly. I hate it how calm he is. I hate that he is calm in a time like this, I hate it because it's like he already accepted his fate-our fate.

"We are different from humans. We at least helped father, now that we are no longer use to father, we can beg him to send or throw us to another world, right?" I know this is selfish of me to not ask father at least to become a different being in his world. But I want to maintain the immortality of mine and my siblings. I will achieve that goal even if I need to worship another worlds God.

"Isn't a great idea?" I looked at him and I asked cautiously.

"You really are our pretty little bad girl. Neither think nor try to do unnecessary things." He grin and flicked my forehead.

"Ow.." I groaned.

"Just do what father told you to do, after all we are just sinners." He jokingly said. He kissed my forehead and pulled my right arm to his embrace. His cold hands touched my back that gives shivers to my spine. That cause the man embracing me to snicker.

I put my arms around his back and hide my face on his chest. I feel like my heart is going to burst. I'm so close to him but I can't feel the beat of his heart. So I turned my head and put my ear on his chest. I felt like his heart is beating at the same time with mine.

"If ever reincarnation is true, will you take me as your companion in our next life?" I mumbled on his chest.

"I'm already your companion so I wouldn't mind to be your companion again." He gently said. He tucked my hair behind my ear. His right hand touched my face and that made me look up to him. Our eyes met and I drown on ocean eyes of his.

"I don't care how many times we live and die, or get thrown to another world, as long as we can all be companion again like we used to. We will travel again under the guidance of stars in the nightsky and sun in the bright blue sky. You, Thalia, Alex, and I together forever." He gently smile but there's something different from the smile that he always make.

Is it pain? Does he also feel the pain and sadness that I felt because of the normal things we used to do changes, or is it regret? Regret for our actions that leads us to this consequence.

"And that is all I want" His face comes closer and I felt the tip of our lips met. My eyes are wide open because of the sudden events that my brain cannot comprehend.

I closed my eyes and let our senses get the best out of us. I feel my heart is gonna burst in any moment. I feel uncomfortable because of the tingly sensation in my stomach. I feel like the world stops around us but I remembered our situation. My closed eyes suddenly become moist and my tears continuosly flows down to my cheeks. He felt it so he broke our kiss and used his thumb to gently wipe my tears.

"You're such a crybaby" He said happily.

That is how my first and last kiss comes to an end. I felt the increasing temperature of my face so I immediately hide my face in his chest.

His embrace is warm like the countless days we spent under the warm blue sky. The warm in his embrace fades as the sunset comes and the darkness takes over me.