Horsemen of Apocalypse Book

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Horsemen of Apocalypse


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This is a story about how the four divine being became the four horsemen of apocalypse. From Christ to Antichrist, peace to war, prosperity to famine, and life to death. How fortunate it would be if time really stops before our downfall starts. We can all stay together forever, and like a painting we can never be tainted even how evil the onlookers and the world is. But I guess our painter made us this way. From the start his creation is made to be tainted. He made an artwork that purpose is solely to become a tool for his wrath on his audience. There was a time when we are all sinless. Then it all went wrong. "Do you believe in reincarnation?" "No, that are only made up by humans. Remember that they were merely but flesh, their soul is like a passing breeze that never returns." - English is not my mother tongue so pls expect there are many grammatical errors on this story. But I will appreciate if you tell my wrong doings so I can fix it. Just pls don't get mad at me huhu. - This is my first time publishing a story so I'm a beginner in this field. That's all thanks for reading.