8 Chapter. 7. Fred.


I was the first to go to the lair, I was carrying few things. Abi and Jack will take care of most of the things. Get to the shelter without problems. I'm sure no one has seen me. An hour later Abi and Jack arrived, we immediately got to work. We chose the cleanest and darkest corner of the bathroom. There we set up a kind of tent with the black fabrics. We had a better place to sleep and it was camouflaged. Between my critical eyes and Abi's good hand for crafts, we finished in a few hours. Jack made sure that no one came and took us by surprise. But luckily that has not happened.

When he finished, the child approached and touched the wall with signs in succession.

-It is true.. Marlía is delaying.-Abi answered him.

"We should go find her." I said, standing up to get out of the bathroom. Abi was walking behind me, but we were stopped by Jack ...

-He says it's not safe.

-I know it's not safe! That's why I'm going to look for her!

Jack did not move from the place, with his right foot he tapped the floor. Abi continued translating.

-He thinks that if we go we will die ...

-Oh! Please ... Who cares !? For something they sent us here !!

The boy kept blocking our way. I was starting to get tired. I understood their point. But I wouldn't let something bad happen to Marlía. Maybe I have known them for a short time. But Abi and Marlía are the only family I really have.

-Look.- I called him.- I don't want to die. We are not going to die. But we are a team and we have survived half a year together.

I saw him kick the floor several times and from his eyebrows he looked sad. Abi had understood him and her face had softened. She had become very attached to that little boy. Perhaps because it was with whom he could communicate more easily.

-Oh ... Jack. You don't have to worry ...- Look at Abi, because she didn't understand the talk she was having. So my friend looked at me saying Jack's words. -If we don't return, he will be alone again.

-We will return. Stay calm here. -I answered and managed to get out of the bathroom. Abi followed me but I heard her whisper:

-We will be fine. I promise you will never be alone again.

Poor boy. I don't understand how his parents left him here. He is very intelligent, but it seems that his blindness and mute is a very great evil to bear. I wonder what human they plan to get out of this school for the world. Civilized and modern world. Silly stuff.

We left the corridor that leads to the Face Bath and walked all over that floor. There was no one. Not a soul.

-Maybe ...- My friend was going to speak but a sound left her speechless.

Footsteps were heard not far away. Steps that had stopped with his voice. Someone had discovered us. We were in total darkness. Waiting for another sound, voices, something.

-I knew someone was hiding around here. I didn't think it was you ...- His voice was familiar to me. But he didn't remember from whom. We stay in our place avoiding noise. -I was following your friend. But I lost track of him.

He ran into Marlía. Apparently I managed to throw him off. She seems clueless, but she's smart. Is that why she was delaying? Did he do something to her?

-Come on answer. I'm not going to hurt them.- He kept insisting. I was getting tired.

-What do you want? - I asked already tired. We are two against one. We had the advantage.

"Just make a joke," he said simply.

I saw him approach and managed to recognize him. Is Luis. I don't think it will hurt us. During the day he gets along relatively well with us, especially with Marlía. Although we cannot be trusted. In a place like this we cannot trust anyone.

"Let's see if I understood: were you following Marlía to make a joke?" He nodded. "And did you lose her?" Abi asked suspiciously. Luis nodded.

-Aren't you here to kill us? Cheat us or something like that? - Asked surprised.

-Do not! Why would I do that? - He replied. Well maybe we had someone else to look for ...

We heard a scream and the three of us knew who it was. We ran to where we heard the calls. Had the Dead Hour already begun? As if answering that question, Abi spoke.

-It's 2:00 in the morning.

-It seems that the action started before time.- Luis said as we all ran through the corridors.

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This I did not like. Why couldn't it be a normal school? I do not know. Compete to be the best students, in sports, or in the arts. It is not very fair because talents are not to compete. Talents are gifts that life gives you, and wise are those who learn to use them correctly. On second thought: will I have any talents? Is it because of those that I am here? In short, at least the traditional model of education is not life threatening. Or so I think.

When we got to the living room we saw Marlía and another subject. She jumped in place when we opened the door. He recognized us instantly and ran to us.

- Wow. Wow. But if I have more visitors.- Said that guy with a big smile. He walked a few steps towards us and as if he were going to protect us, Luis got in the way. - What a surprise. The crying boy.

-Hi Fred.- Luis greeting without any trace of humor.

There were no more words. Both boys ran to face each other. I saw the gleam of two knives colliding with each other. What should we do? To struggle? There was no opening. They both fought as if their lives were running out of it.

Abi who was next to me touched my shoulder and made a sign to withdraw. Maybe it was for the best. With slow steps we retreated until we left that classroom. Without waiting for order we ran towards the shelter. I looked over my shoulder several times to make sure they weren't following us. Luckily we reached the face bath without any obstacles.

As soon as we arrived, Marlia just fell asleep. Abi was talking to Jack for a long time until they both fell asleep. On the other hand, I couldn't sleep an eye all night.

I will not say anything else. It tires me to remember it. I don't think I've experienced that much adrenaline in one day.

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