3 Chapter. 2. Fight.

-First year! First year! - Shouted a young girl, barely a few years older than the protagonists. The first years went with that girl. She was blonde with short hair and she was the first teacher they knew who did not wear a uniform.- I am Miss Strass. But you can call me Lucy, or puppeteer, my old school name.

Puppeteer? More than one wondered: who is that woman? They would soon discover that she was a graduate student from that school.

-I graduated two years ago and since then I have been a teacher in Physical Education shifts.

The woman kept smiling. Only good observers managed to perceive something strange behind that smile.

-And if we start with a few laps around the school.

He led them to the entrance of the main building.. He explained to them that he wanted them to skirt all the buildings, skimming the entrance to the forest without going into it.

-Make 20 laps! On your marks! Clever?! ALREADY!

It was definitely a very long afternoon. Many of the older students were amused by watching them run. But such attention was not compared when the teacher asked to do individual bouts.

"Singles bouts?" Jennifer asked. This girl knew what the teacher was referring to. Many of his neighborhood friends fought for entertainment.

-Yes! It will be fun! Who will be the first couple? Or do we do a giveaway?

The teacher was excited. She drew a quadrilateral on the ground. That would be the arena of combat.

-I do not understand. What do you want us to do? - Marlía whispered to her two friends.

Veronica didn't take her eyes off the two girls entering the arena. Abigail didn't either, but she answered him.

-I think now we'll see.

The fight was between one of the twins, Teresa, and Miguel, a thin and small boy.

-Don't you think it should be two girls or two boys? That is to say...

Elvis was speaking, one of the first-year boys.

"That doesn't matter." The teacher replied with a huge smile.

Then the fight started. Everything was worth. Contrary to what many thought the little blonde was very good at fighting. Perhaps his blows weren't accurate, but his speed was admirable. Miguel was not long in being on the ground giving up.

-Very good. I think that's all for today. I already want to see the next fight!

This is how they knew that in every Physical Education shift there was going to be a fight, and apparently, it didn't stop until someone bled. All students left for that day. Classes were over.

The rest of the day was basically normal. At 5:00 all the teachers left. They knew it because the screams of Miguel reached the top floor, the boy who had fought and had not finished very well. He asked to be taken to a doctor or to call his parents.

After bathing, eating, and doing some chores for the day, the first-year girls settled into a long sleep. At 10:00 the lights were magically turned off and in a few minutes everyone fell asleep.

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-Abi ... Abi ...- Marlía moved her friend with despair. When she didn't respond, he went to wake up the one with the shorter hair.

-Veronica. Veronica wakes up ...

-What happens...? Marlía ...? What time is it?

There was a bang and a screeching sound came from outside the room. Marlía did not care. Then a thud and a complaint.

-Abi. Are you okay? - Asked her friend when she saw that she had hit the bunk.

-What's going on? It's 3:00 in the morning.- Abi said looking at her watch.

It glowed green and was the only light in the room. Sounds were heard outside and just in case Marlía went to look. Since Abigail was the only one with a light, she too got up.

The hallway seemed deserted, and the noises were evidently coming from upstairs or from the dining room. The girls downplayed it and started to go back to sleep.

-Abi. Will you accompany me to the bathroom? - Marlía asked her friend, since it would be very difficult for her to find the correct door with the darkness in the hall.

They both walked to the bathroom. Abi leaned against the door trying not to lose sleep. She turned when she heard her friend speak to her.

-Abi! Look! - Sleepy and without her glasses the girl approached her friend, to get a great scare ...

-This mirror has a decal attached ....

Abi barely paid attention to what her friend was saying. She was paralyzed by the figure she saw behind her friend.

-It's a bit scary. But it is still a bunny.

Marlía continued describing the being with a rabbit mask that she saw reflected in her mirror, without giving much importance to the signs that her friend made.

-Marlía ....- Abigail finally spoke trying to reach her friend ...

- Abi just came here. So you can see the sticker ...

-Marlía turn around ...- Abi breathed calmly and spoke to her.

Marlía looked at her doubtfully but she ignored her. Then she realized that it was not a sticker she was seeing in her mirror, but a boy a little taller than her with a rabbit mask and an ax in hand.

At that moment there was a shrill knock and by reflex Abigail ran to where she thought the bedroom door would be. He entered the room and was shocked to see no one. He returned to the bathroom and found no sign of Marlía, or the giant rabbit.

-Shhh ...- I hear a sound, but I didn't know where it came from.-Shhhhh ...- He heard again. He looked at the ceiling and found a part of the roof half removed.

He was amazed to see a hand waving for him to come closer. He looked around in what little light he had and thought about climbing up using the sinks as stairs. Hopefully it would. However, with another screeching noise, she found herself climbing the false ceiling and being helped by some older boys.

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