1 Have A Nice Day

A man who was so rich. He have little baby doughter. When his wife is dead. He is a one who care that little baby girl but he is always goes outside because of his business.

One day he is goes outside because of his business. When his goes on outside of home. He is need a man for take care of his baby doughter and he goes outside for business meeting. And that man care of his baby doughter.

One day, a little baby girl was crying loundly. A man who care taker of her. He was sleeping. He doesn't like babies. A man was wake up and he holds baby girl. He walked to the kitchen and he opened the door of refrigerator. Then he took a baby girl. She was crying more loundly. He was so crule. He put her inside the refrigerator. Than he is smiling​ said,'Have a nice day !!!'

Few days later when her dad know that he killed his baby girl. He goes for find him. When he was found out. He was in his home town. He goes there to find him. When he found in his own refrigerator. And there was small voice of girl singing  have a nice day....!! Coming from a refrigerator.

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