Horror And CrimesHorror And Crimes

Horror And Crimes

by Kirito_Manamia

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It's horror story with peronal and other peoples experience about there horror story! Hope you all enjoy my horror story. Because it was based on the real experience of peoples that I know in my life. I collect this from there and my experience with horror. It's really terrible for me. WARNING: This book contain a LOT of grammatical errors. The Author is too lazy to edit the story anytime soon or none at all and English isn't Author's first language with less vocabulary. So, if you really prefer to read a good grammar story then this MUST NOT be your book and the "exit" button is always there for you to used. However, for the others who wish to continue to read the story then please, do enjoy! Any book that had the same title and the plot would be accidental. If there is, please contact the author. THIS IS ORIGINALLY MADE BY THE AUTHOR, Kirito. [NOT A TRANSLATION] THANK YOU FOR READING!!

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