Horoscopia : Hymn of Hope
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Horoscopia : Hymn of Hope


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What is Horoscopia : Hymn of Hope

Horoscopia : Hymn of Hope is a popular web novel written by the author Paladinius, covering ROMANCE, MYTHOLOGY, PARODY, DARK-HUMOR, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 181.6K readers with an average rating of 5/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 115 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Hexous an ambitious shorty boy with a mysterious past travels around the world, searching for people who share the same fate as him, to get rid of the curse of the Trinity Seven. Can it be easy with the clash of civilization that the planet know ? And can Hexous and his friend put out the curse that made their life awful ?


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There’s a fantasy novel that I had planned from a long time ago, in the beginning of the story you might find it mysterious and boring or even childish, but trust me as more as you read you will find that it worth reading , the secrets will all be unmasked but gradually, so for those who like stories with: “Mythologies, gods, angels, demons, titans, and heroes and some Japanese manga culture” this is (your bible 😊), and for the protagonist you will find him sometimes a heartless person and sometimes an angel, sometimes clever and sometimes an idiot but that is just due to a really bad trauma in his early age. P.S: If you find some mistake in the story line or the grammar feel free to mention it, and don’t forget that my only reason to keep evolving is your supports and nothing but it 😉.


A really intresting novel even i like it a lot ❤.... I expect much more in the future hope i wont get disapointed 😊 And btw i like the name of the novel to it sounds epic 😂


LOVE IT !❤ . Dunno what to say more it's just fascinating... can't wait for more episodes to come up... NEED MORE !!! Keep up the good work 😊


I just found this novel while scrolling through the ones here and I was amazed by the cover so decided to check out and oh boy this is good stuff , it's funny , exciting and I just can't stop myself from reading it :o :o


Oh wowy, it's actually dope. Well, I will grab my coffee container and wait for the upcoming chapters XD. Ps : Why should the comments be this big it's sickening I'm too lazy to write ;-;


In the first time i was attired by the background photo, but when i read it it was wow. I want tl know if the man on the photo the same stranger from chapter 0?


It's a great story, but you used a lot of manga references, that someone who don't read manga can't understand, and what's wrong with you dude some times when i read a chapter i feel like: Is he a psycho? (no offends)


It was really dope buddy, i just read twenty chapters and i felt the chills, in the beginning when i saw the synopsis i was like twenty one characters is a lot but you managed very well your story


It's a nice story that you are writing here, in the beginning I was like where is the mythology here, it’s just a punch of people with elementary power but I continue reading it and it was really good, But what make it more good is the change of the protagonist comportment.


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Just wow! The novel is amazing, i didn't even fell the time passing, hope you write more often cuz now i'm addicted to your novel, continues with the good work


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