1 Moments

The sea waves were touching the sand and beautiful music was getting created. Far on the beach a lonely figure was sitting and just watching the moon.

As if she was thinking something or searching something. It's almost an hour she was sitting there just like that. Nisha was not able to decide what to do now. She had left her home and came to big city for a bright future but still she was not able to establish herself. What ever money she brought , slowly slowly it's getting over. Now she has to do something. She can not go back.

She remembers the day when she said told everyone about her decision. It turned out to be so bad. Whole house become a battle ground. One side she was all alone and other side her papa , mummy , brother. Her younger sister Seema was just quite. But finally what ever money. She had she gave it to her and said I can just help you this much. I can't do much.

They hugged each other and cried a lot. That very day She left the house and now sitting here on the beach and looking at sea.

She had searched the newspaper and looked at job classified but haven't got anything which will be suitable for her.

Some how while turning the pages of paper she saw a small advertisement. Urgent requirement for a girl in good health for a Avery important job. Kindly contact at given number. Money is not an issue.

The moment Nisha read this massage she was in dilemma what to do. As money was mentioned and she is in urgent need of it she was thinking about taking the job . That's why she was sitting here and trying to figure out it.

After pondering over it for so many times she finally came to a decision and decided to call at the number tomorrow morning.

Slowly she got up from her place and came towards the sea and stood on the water for sometime and then started walking again forward and going more deep. Suddenly she heard some body shouting and waving hands from far . She just looked and again started moving. She may have going only few steps suddenly a hand grabbed her and started pulling towards the beach. She got so shocked that she started fighting. Leave me , leave me but the person who was holding her his grip got more tight and he forcefully pulled her out of the sea and dragged her to the beach. Without listening to her wimping and shouting. Finally he let her go and she tumbled down like a sheet of paper.

She just stayed like that for few seconds and then turned her head with burning eyes. As if she will kill the person with her eyes only.

It was dark and moon light was behind him. Nisha tried to see his face but it was not clear.

How dare you to touch me? Nisha said.

The man standing beside her was looking at her and with a faint smile said if I see someone committing some crime I will surely stop that.

Nisha got shocked . What the hell you talking about? What crime? Who is committing it?

You were doing that my dear. Said the man.

Oh my god what type of nonsense is this. I can't get it. What crime?

We're u not going to get drowned in that sea?

No. She shouted by looking at that man.

Well from where I was standing and seeing it did look like you were going to attempt suicide. What can I do about it. As a good citizen I tried to save you that's it. You should be thankful to me rather than shouting on me.

By saying these words he turned and walked way.

Still Nisha was sitting at the same place and watched him walking away. Then suddenly shouted and said you are a mad man and got up and ran away even without looking back.