1 How can love change so easily chapter 1

My name is Soula. I'm 19 years old and I don't believe in love.

3 years back on 2019, 16 years old me who was top of her class but average in looks was dating the guy last in rank who was the most handsome of all. It was just so beautiful phase to be in love with my 3 years of crush. My unrequited love of 3 years paid me off when I proposed him and he said yes.

I had the boyish and outgoing personality whereas he was the pure and innocent guy I'd ever seen so that's why I couldn't help but fall in love with him.

He didn't know how to flirt with girls or didn't even know how to start a conversation with anyone besides his friends.

He couldn't even start a conversation with other girls, but he accepted my proposal, which made me feel like I was on the top of the world.

But it was a bit frustrating to be in a relationship with that guy. He would let the misunderstanding build up between us and don't even make an effort to correct it. He left me be jealous all the time when he conversed with other girls who had crush on him.

I didn't know at that time if the problem was me or him and I still don't know until today.