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Dive into a world of drama,mystery,adventure,and action in the lives of six teens.

First,you have Tera Dixon,the White Owl and leader of the Fantom Gang until Daish aka Ghost Rider meets the gang and take over with his family's manpower.

Second is Tara's sister Maryland Dixon aka Green Tea as she has all the tea for you to sip or even too much for a living person.

Third is Alissa Morgan the unrefined golden age as she is the swiftest thief and loves gold or should I say money.

Fourth is the one and only Miss Popular Cristela Burke, who uses her fame as a model and highschool Queen Bee as a cover for her night time shenanigans with the gang.

Fifth we have Nyland Deer,Mr.Hot Bastard aka Screech; the computer genius.

Sixth is Daish Ryland aka Ghost Rider who kills without mercy.

"Suddenly everything shattered "

"We came from being six carefree crazy teens-"

"Lashing out our own demons out on the property of others and-"

"People themselves, to three low level-"


"Tera please stop,Maryland deserved what she got!"

"But she was my sister and Alissa she..."

"Was your love rival and ex- bestfriend whom you betrayed by getting down and pregnant for her boyfriend "

"But for what?"

"Where is he?"