Hood Fantom BK1 by Janey2430 Book

novel - Sci-fi Romance

Hood Fantom BK1 by Janey2430


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This is a melodrama of six teens going around burglarizing and vandalizing people's property,lashing out their own inner demons into the world.They form the Fantom gang with the leader being Tera Dixon,the most deadly of them all.The group committed all sorts of wrongs but never murder;until one tragic night that lead to the death(murder)of two members,Maryland Dixon and Alissa Morgan. Join Tera Dixon and all the other members as they become what is known as HOOD FANTOM. Was their childhood so hazardous that it led them down this path? How far will emotions take six teenagers? Why would you get knocked up for your bestie's boyfriend? What is love when your from the hood? "Bitches like me don't regret shit nor do I regret killing Maryland and Alissa "


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