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The Diplomat

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This is the age of dating for the youths coming of age. Right? Church teaches abstinence and keeping the flesh under control. Once in a while the unspeakable happens to the youthful church setup. A family is full of girls only. They begins to get of the age to marry. A family of sisters without brothers is a taboo in society. Yet when they can't find love, tongues start to wag like the tail of a raitwailer. In search of LOVE are Keisha, siblings Karla, Keandra, Kathrine and bosom friends including Yolanda to name but a few. They are ordinary professional youths going through their paces of life, live and work. The dates come and go, pain, heartbreak, lessons learnt here and there and pleasure it seems. Why are they not joining their peers who married and have families now? Are those marrying enjoying the benefits of marital union? All love and no problems makes a dull marriage is it? Finances seem to break marriages, more or less of them. Where art the solution? Karla marries to their relief. Keisha supposes two sparkling date are dreams of promise she has been praying for. All she needs an open sesame password and choose or take lots! Your mission should you choose to accept is to marry the most fulfilling men of all dates you have. This instruction will self-destruct like a suicide bomber in ...... seconds. She has in her sights a comedian. He is a rough rider, lurid and uncertain with political connotations. There is a young, carefree graphic artist. Both are fun to be with. The comedian is a mature person above her age. The problem is his chain of liquor bottles, political hegemony and women of ill repute. The graphic artist meanwhile is younger than her. He thinks he can make a discreet list of his conquests ............