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Four Months Before...

For the past couple of days since being at the southern border, he investigated everything that has been happening here.

Speaking with the village leader and the villagers to find out how what happen to the last army that was stationed in the fort and how the villagers have survived here for so long.

From what he could find, the last army fled the fort once it was attacked by the 'beasts of the night'.

The villagers had kept voicing complaints about sighting of beasts roaming the fields at night, that attacked their families, but the past Commander wouldn't listen.

"He ignored us and said if we continued to sprout such stories he will kill us himself to give his ears some rest. There was nothing else we could do, but to protect ourselves ourselves." The village leader sadly stated.

"How did you do that?" Braeden asked as he handed the village leader some hot tea to moisten his throat.


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