523 Warning Signs

Stepping out of the shuttle, Braeden grumbled about having to team up with a brat while Ailwin held Mika back.

"What are you up to?" He stared at her face waiting for an answer.

"I'm not planning anything…" Mika looked at innocently.

He didn't believe that look for one second. Her teaming up with Braeden for the greater good of their plans is not something she would do, that he knew. However, since he couldn't read her mind he couldn't stop her.

"Mika...please, don't cause trouble." He pleaded.

"I won't cause trouble. Geez, you're worst than my mother sometimes." Mika stepped out of the shuttle with Ailwin following right behind her.

"Let's go." Ailwin looked towards Saavi, and they walked towards the center of the marketplace.

Braeden stared at Saavi's retreating back and sighed before turning to look at Mika, who was staring straight at him.



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