494 The Show Must Go On

The dark and dank tunnels made General Narbeth more nervous the deeper they went.

He didn't know where they are taking him to, nor did he know what the King wants to do with them, but in his mind he knew it couldn't be good.

By the time they reached the end of the tunnel, he was tired. He began to sweat, and not because of fear but because of the work out he was getting. With the long trek down these secret tunnels and him dressed in full armor. It was too much for his body to handle easily.

Seeing some light up ahead he thanked the gods above.

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At the end of the tunnel, Lord Voron, King Rychell and Lord Salihn stood waiting.

When Lord Salihn saw every has arrived, he swiped his key card and the stone wall in front of them slid open to reveal a very state of the arts facility inside.

What the...

Shock and amazed, General Narbeth's eyes zoomed around the room, taking in everything.

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