531 Taking the Leap

Mika knew the these young females didn't have an ounce of training in their muscles…. but isn't this being too weak!

She asked them to run five laps around the palace. Majority of them tapped out at one.

She showed them a series of stretches to do. Half of them couldn't even touch their toes.

When they finally got down to the actual combat training, a quarter of them couldn't control their gifts long enough to hit the straw figure in front of them, but instead, they would hurt themselves, or worst, the people around them.

Watching these ladies at work made her headache.

This can't be possible, how do you forget how to use your freakin' gifts!

Mika wanted to yell at them of the top of her lungs, but Saavi beat her to it and called it a day before anyone else could get hurt.


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