Honey : The Empire's Treasure

Author: mountwolf89
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Love the main character and her personality. It not the typical reincarnation story where the main sudden becomes the hulk with her "super powers". The storyline is a lot more fun and interesting. Love reading books where the female lead is not dependent of a male lead.


I like this story a lot, ehjoy the MC and her actions so far are both hilarious, cunning and serious. I believe that we have been introduced to the ML who I like so far and the FL seems to be able to outplay him. I like the fact that inspite of this concubine mess and multiple family members, the FL actually is receiving love and care from her parents. This story will remain in my library as long as its an enjoyable read. Good luck author, looking forward to frequent updates.


The occasional grammatical error but otherwise this book is the bomb😎😎😎😎😎 the fm is resourceful and smart. What annoys me is hoe pathetic her maid and bodyguard are.


#Hidden Gem Commas tend to be in the wrong location and certain words are constantly misspelled. (Bought instead of brought being an example.)


First of all, this is sci-fi and maybe fantasy. It has Fae in it as of ch 28. The sci-fi crap was the final nail in the coffin for this book for me. The prologue was way too long. The MC was supposed to be a genius, but she was both too stupid and too smart. No matter how much of a genius she is, there's no way she should have been able to fix the engines in a week. Being a genius doesn't just impart knowledge into your head. She would have had to study the engine designs and everything for longer. And since its supposed to be a military operation some no name orphan isn't going to be getting the specs about anything to do with the spaceships. No matter how talented/smart you are if you don't have the resources spent on you to bring out your potential it goes to waste. Obvious Lila's would have went to waste because she was ignored (which is another stupid ass plot hole. No one realised she was a genius, and she never tried to prove she'd been having her work stolen?). Grammar is bad, but not headache-inducing like some on here. Overall I'm annoyed I wasted my time reading these chapters. I blame all you mindless 5-star reviewers for not having an ounce of taste.


Oh hey, first review! Writing Quality: 2.5 The grammar is consistently incorrect, and misspellings are not uncommon. However, it is structured well enough that the content is understandable, and as someone who honestly got engrossed in the storyline, I got used to/self corrected the errors. The writing could benefit from longer sentences that are more detailed with greater vocabulary range as sometimes it feel staccato. Stability of Updating: 5 I started when there were about 50 some chapters available, and since then, itself updated every day or other day, so that’s a good release schedule to me. Story Development: 5 Even though I can’t get over the injustices of the MC, those injustices look like they’re well on their way to being resolved. This really gripped me into the story. The apocalyptic Earth to a fantasy is rather interesting! The sudden drop of the Earth story felt a little odd, but I was compelled by the events in the fantasy world, so it wasn’t a problem. I only hope, and think it will, that the two worlds will connect later; otherwise, the long writing on the Earth world would be pointless. Author also goes into some minor descriptive details which makes reading nicer and more imaginable. Character Design: 3.5 MC and fantasy mother are great characters and are developed and designed well. Other characters that have potential but aren’t on these two’s levels are the commander/captain, secretary, and fantasy father (he’s the closest to getting there though). The rest are the typical antagonist tropes. World Background: 4 I think the worlds are explained well with their own history/backstory and current issues in the world. There are a few minor inconsistencies or gaps, but they can easily fixed or filled in later. Overall: 4


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YOU MUST READ THIS HIDDEN GEM!!!! This novel is so good. Much better than all those abusive Ceo novels that are currently popular on webnovel. The story is unique and very entertaining. When I first started it I thought it would be just a novel to pass time but god was I wrong! Once you start reading this, you can‘t stop.


An amazing book...... a hidden gem In reality....... loved every chapter of it...... suspense gets you to want more and more of it.... good job author


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I adore this story. The author is very creative and the progress of the main character is inspiring. The plot is addictive and descriptive. All I want is more!


I absolutely looooovvvveeee the femalead❤️❤️ so much power and brain. I'm impressed over the complexity of the world, and I find it quite fun to know more of the backstory of the FL. Must read!


A really good read! The FL is very spunky and mischievous enough that she reminds me of someone I know, lol. At time I feel really sorry for her father. I wish them all the best luck in the combing chapters and here is hoping for a good long read!


Honestly I should apologize for my initial desire to not read this novel. I looked at the 4.5 rating and desided that it wasn't worth it.😣😣 But I was proven soooooo wrong! This is a hidden Gem!! ❤ The beginning of scifi type of story wasn't much to my liking but afterwards when it changed, OMG it was such a good story! I don't know why it have such a low rating. Some ppl say its because of bad spelling but honestly there might be 1 grammar mistake in 20 chapters. Not even worth lowering the rate for. Honestly I beyond highly recommend it! Read and don't regret. As soon as the space travel part is over I swear the story get soooo good! ❤❤


Indeed the fm is really resourceful.. Except for a few grammatical errir..this novel is really a blast... Hope there would be more novels like this in the making...


This story has gone beyond my expectations. Well written, great character detail, and the plots and schemes are precise. The comedy is off the charaacters. Ive sat here laughing as the FL always gets out of a situation or causes on but always ended up right and on top. Something like 'thats my girl!' Haha. Wonderful amazing story.


Good story the female lead is very strong and funny love the chemistry between the male lead and the female lead it’s an interesting twistCan’t wait to see what is going to happen


Kill that bustard of King, kill him he do not deserved to be called King. He just want to use even Alvin for sacrifice. I really hate him , he is a bustard.


It's not that I don't like the book what I do not like is the MC I mean is she really a genius as the other think? Because for me she's not I think she's dumb she can't even put a fight really she's in constant danger and because of plots I mean didn't she learned her lesson mahigh blood man guro ko ani ba


So far so good. I am quite suprise that the Female lead has like hazelnut complexion because in other books it is usually FLs having jade or porcelain like skin so it is refreshing to have other standards of beauty.