514 No Time For Regrets...

Kamryn just turned her head away, she didn't want to deal with these two idiots.

At not getting the reaction she wanted, Lensa sucked her teeth and walked away. She still needed to find away to see who Thallan was going to meet today.

Lula stayed there while staring down at her sister.

"I guess you're not as good of a lover as you think you are, if he would throw you out of his office after spending the night with him...hahaha..." Lula relished see her proud older sister throw onto the floor.

Kamryn looked at her sister's laughing face and thought she is the most stupidest one of them all and shook her head.

Lula didn't like that her sister wasn't pitiful enough for her. Bending down, she whispered into her sister's face.

"You don't have to worry though, he'll be spending much more time in your bedroom since I'm the one carrying his first child." Lula stood back up and held her belly with a loving care.


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