496 Making Himself at Home

Once the screams of 'King Rychell' died, 'Thallan' turned around and left the imperial palace, but not before telling Lord Salihn to handle the old body.

"Make sure you dispose of it properly."

The crowd was still gathered around it, however, he was sure his son was dead already.

"Yes, your majesty."

Outsides the gates, Prince Thallan's people had a rover waiting for them.

Stepping into the back seat, Princess Tiriana follow her father as General Narbeth was pushed inside by the royal guards.

They drove to Price Thallan's palace. At the door waiting for them, was Lady Lensa and her maids. As it was both her husband and father going into battle, she worried one or both wouldn't make it back alive.

Another person was also waiting for her husband, yet since the two wives didn't get along very well, Lula kept to the back courtyard waiting for Thallan's return.


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