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Auley Nestor is a 18 years man who is always alone and silent. who doesn't even know how the outer world will look alike. the king of Maurya dynasty at 1715 who was always been locked in a room. when he had a nightmare of a lady saying about the mirror. auley will find the mirror and gets into future which was in 2019. even if he don't know about the outer world he knows about his responsibilities and duties. Nora is a 17 years old talkative girl who was studying in the pioneer college. when auley get into the future the first person he'd met was Nora. everyone will say the first impression is the best impression but in their story they both hate their first meet. then Nora helps him to study at College as same as her, and let him stay in her house. even though she knows that auley hate Nora. but after some days suddenly auley got back to present, because there are some rules in using of the mirror. when he disappeared Nora got too confused and searched him here and there. they get to know about their love in distanced. auley find a way to get into future again and then they meet again. they fell in love with eachother, but if a story goes in a happier way there will be something which is created to break happiness in life. what would happen to them? will Nora gets to know about the truth? will they forever love eachother? let's wait and see


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