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Home Is Where Your Heart Is


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*Warning! Opening Cryostasis pod 1* I covered my eyes as a piercing white light shone into them while trying to think about what happened. And in less than 2 seconds my brain felt like it was being split apart as my memories flood back in. *Warning! Resident 1 is experiencing extreme brain fluctuations* I looked around me as I grabbed my head in pain, I could make out faint shadows from the piercing light shining into my eyes, 'Who are yo...' Before I could finish my sentence I fell unconscious, the only thing stuck in my mind is that the shadow wasn't human. -------------------------------------------------- Hello readers, This is the 2nd book I will be writing, having written over one Hundred sixty thousand words I can confidently say I have a good amount of experience. The story is about a young man being woken up in a world no longer similar to ours and him having to cope with it mentally, the real story starts however at a malfunction with the Hyper-drive, causing our MC to be transported somewhere unknown and alone. Follow him as he deals with the Unknown and the unfamiliar. Due to a busy life, the Chapter release is about 3-2 Chapters per week. Tags: Clever protagonist, Anti-Hero Protagonist, Wars, Politics, Adventure.