So I had an idea when I was playing League of Legends (Look it up if you don't know what it is).

I was playing Lux, with the STAR GUARDIAN SKIN. Then I thought wouldn't it be cool if Lux was a character from BNHA? She would be like a tandem with Tokoyami.

But I didn't want to just insert Lux herself on the fandom, so I created an Original Character based on her, with her personality and powers.

So to those who knows who Lux it will probably get some insert quotes from LOL.

On another note, in honor of Lux who I based my OC on I will use her name as the hero name for my OC.

I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoyed making this character and story.

Name: Kisshouin Hikari

Age: 21 (Before Reincarnation), 0 (After Reincarnation), 4 (First Time Skip), 12 (Second Time Skip), 14 (Third Time Skip), 15 (U. A. Entrance Exams)

Birthday: October 31

Height: 5' 3" / 160 cm

Quirk: Stellar Luminosity

(The Quirk consumes body Calories, so She has to eat at least the minimum 5kcal before she could use her Quirk Abilities.)

Hero Name: Lux, The Light Hero


[Note: "•" This symbol indicates which Level the Character is.]

INTELLIGENCE:  The ability to think and process information.

1 = Slow / Impaired

2 = Borderline

3 = Average

4 = Learned

5 = Gifted

6 = Genius•

7 = Super-Genius

SPEED: The ability to move over land by flying or running

1 = Very Light

2 = Light

3 = Moderate

4 = Above Average•

5 = Feral (approximately around 30mph - 80mph)

6 = Turbo (approximately around 90mph - 250mph)

7 = Super-Human (Above 250mph)

STRENGTH: The maximum ability to lift (press) weight over one's head and/or punch (under optimal conditions)

1 = Poor: brittle and powerless as one can be.

2 = Weak: cannot lift/punch own body weight.

3 = Normal: able to lift/punch over own body weight, up to twice own body weight.•

4 = Peak human: able to lift/punch over twice own body weight, up to 500 lbs.

5 = Feral:  Able to lift/punch over 800 lbs., up to 65 tons.

6 = Enhanced Strength: Able to punch over 65 tons, up to 100 tons.

7 = Superhuman: Able to punch in excess of 100 tons.

DURABILITY: The ability to resist or recover from body injury

1 = Weak

2 = Normal•

3 = Enhanced

4 = Regenerative

5 = Bulletproof

6 = Juggernaut

7 = Untouchable

STEALTH: The ability to move without being seen or heard.

1 = Reckless

2 = Clumsy

3 = Normal

4 = Quiet•

5 = Ninja

6 = Ghost-like

7 = Undetectable

PHYSICAL STAMINA: The ability to sustain physical effort

1 = Very Low

2 = Low

3 = Moderate•

4 = Considerable

5 = High

6 = Very High

7 = Super-Human

MENTAL STAMINA: The ability to sustain mental effort

1 = Very Low

2 = Low

3 = Moderate

4 = Considerable

5 = High

6 = Very High•

7 = Super-Human

QUIRK PROFICIENCY: The ability to use skills proficiently in combat.

1 = Novice

2 = Beginner

3 = Emerging

4 = Developing

5 = Proficient•

6 = Advanced

7 = Master

CHARISMA:  A measure of the character's social skills or appearance

1 = Has trouble thinking of others as people, terribly reticent, uninteresting, or rude.

2 = Something of a bore or makes people mildly uncomfortable

3 = Capable of polite conversation

4 = Mildly interesting, knows what to say to the right people

5 = Popular, receives greetings and conversations on the street

6 = Life of the party, able to keep people entertained for hours•

7 = Immediately likeable by almost everybody, renowned for wit, personality, and/or looks

DEXTERITY: A measure on how agile the character is.

1 = Significant klutz or very slow to react, occasionally trips over own feet

2 = Capable of usually catching a small tossed object, able to often hit large targets

3 = Can catch or dodge a medium-speed surprise projectile, able to often hit small targets

4 = Light on feet, able to often hit small moving targets•

5 = Graceful, able to flow from one action into another easily

6 = Very graceful, capable of dodging a number of thrown objects

7 = Moves like water, reacting to all situations with almost no effort


Ability to bend and emit strong energy of light.

Since Light is a form of energy, it consumes the user it's body Calories.


Creates a bright crystal like dome that deflects any physical attacks.


Creates a ball of light that can be detonated at will and can be casted multiple times simultaneously. 


Creates a pillar of light that can cause harmful damage to anyone who touches the light.


Creates small greenish speck of light that emits energy that can speed up healing.


Allows the caster to emit a bright glow from her body to blind/stun whoever dares to look directly at the caster.

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