Chapter 96, Pretext for War

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With Franz's order, Bavaria became bustling.

Prime Minister Felix's speech in Munich did have an effect, and most of the younger generation in Bavaria were ensnared, each considering how the Germany Region could be unified.

This thought alone created problems. With their limited social experience, they simply could not consider the issues comprehensively, and it was very easy for them to become extreme in their views.

If no one had provoked further, it would have been one thing, but how could the prepared Franz possibly miss this opportunity?

One by one, experts and scholars emerged to express their opinions, criticizing the rulers of the Bavarian Government for acting in their own interests and undermining the unification of the Germany Region.

To most people, rebuilding the Shinra was not the best choice, but it was the most suitable one. When the path of peaceful unification was blocked, the only option left was unification by force.