Chapter 94, The Point of No Return

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Ever since learning of Felix's journey through the Germany Region, with the Kingdom of Bavaria as his last stop, Maximilian II had not slept well.

The other Sub-States could practice tai chi and delay, but as the last Sub-State, what could they do?

Undoubtedly, all the Sub-States hoped that Bavaria could stand up and stop Austria's actions. As the leader of the smaller Sub-States, Bavaria could not avoid this role.

Especially after Maximilian II ascended to the throne, the implementation of the tripartite balance strategy had backed Bavaria into a corner.

The Kingdom of Prussia had become estranged from everyone. Frederick William IV played dumb without any pressure; after all, he was not afraid of offending others.

Bavaria was different; since it wanted to be the leader of the smaller Sub-States, it now had to come forward. Whether it was supporting or opposing Austria's plan, it was better than acting like an ostrich.