Chapter 92: Just Waiting to Jump into the Pit

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Impacted by the defeat at the Sofia battle, the Austrian Government had made intermittent progress in negotiations with the Ottomans, with only some details still under discussion.

Franz was not particularly concerned about the outcome of the negotiations, thinking that even if the two countries signed an agreement, there was less than a one-third chance of it being fulfilled in the future.

The international situation was ever-changing, and the outcome of the Near Eastern War would directly affect Austria's gains. From an interest standpoint, a hard-won victory for the Russians would certainly be the best outcome.

It would allow them to bear the brunt of the enmity and share Austria's pressure, without allowing the Russians to truly soar unchecked.

Army Minister Prince Windischgrätz said with a strange expression, "Your Majesty, a report from the Serbia frontline indicates a group of British soldiers have accidentally entered our territory and were disarmed by us."