Chapter 91, Great Rewards Bring Forth Brave Men

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Trento, ever since the start of the Venetian campaign, had become a contested objective for both sides, with the Kingdom of Sardinia having already deployed three divisions of troops and still unable to shake the Austrian Army's defense line.

A week had passed, and Colonel Grig no longer felt the initial unease; he had seen that the enemy across from them not only lacked military training but also lacked the courage for a desperate fight.

In this era, everyone was still using muzzle-loading rifles, and the firepower was not that fierce; even the most skilled soldiers could fire at most three shots per minute, while the majority could only achieve a rate of two shots per minute.

Even though the Austrian Army had decent defensive positions, Trento was no impregnable fortress. If the Sardinian Army was willing to sacrifice lives, they could still push through.