Chapter 85, Montenegro History

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Budapest, ever since the Austrian Army's siege, had been gripped by panic, and if it weren't for the new government's illusions about their ally, the Kingdom of Sardinia, many would have already fled.

Of course, those who hadn't fled were preparing to escape. Budapest City, covering a significant area, had its fortifications arranged by the Bohemian Corps strictly in a 'surround-three-leave-one-be' pattern to prevent the enemy from making a desperate move.

It was quite easy for just a few individuals to flee; as long as it wasn't a large troop movement, the Austrian Army would hardly notice.

The Minister of the Army Department of the Hungarian Republican Government, General Gold, said distressedly, "Mr. Kossuth, we've just received intelligence that the traitorous Croatians are going to join forces with the Austrians outside the city tomorrow.

By then, the number of enemy troops besieging the city will rise to 150,000, and Budapest will be unable to hold any longer!"