Chapter 84: Opening a New Front

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Abdulmejid I's countenance was ominously dark, the great battle in the Balkans may have been a minor episode for England and France, but it was fatal for the Sultan Government.

For this war, the Ottoman Empire had already exhausted all its strength. There was no doubt that this was all the power they had.

Mobilizing a million-strong army, regardless of its combat effectiveness, the entire fortune of the Ottoman Empire was at stake.

The outcome on the battlefield, however, was extremely disappointing to Abdulmejid I. Initially, the Allied Forces should have had a slight advantage, but unfortunately, any such small advantage had vanished after the struggle for command between England and France.

Resolve the conflict between England and France? Stop dreaming. The two World Wars had concerned their very survival, and still, they held each other back, so how could one expect them to cooperate wholeheartedly now?