Chapter 82, A War Fought by Mistake

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Balkan Peninsula

The Russians already bathed in bloodshed with the Allied Forces; it's worth mentioning that the Ottoman Army, the largest in number, became a supporting actor in this war. The main force of the alliance had become England and France.

In the Sliven Region, a stalemate ensued. The French blocked the advance of the Russians, and now, every step forward required a human life to fill.

Due to the Ottomans' lack of effort, restrained by a small force of the Russian Army, it was now 160,000 French troops against 280,000 Russians. It was already quite difficult for the French to hold the Russians back, let alone launch a counterattack.

French Army Commander Aimable Jean Jacques Pelissier was in quite a headache. In the previous battles, he had used 10,000 French soldiers to eliminate 20,000 Russians, which could be said to be a brilliant victory.