Chapter 81: The Battle of Venice

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War is a matter of money and provisions. It's impossible for the Kingdom of Sardinia to fight indefinitely, and loans from John Bull aren't easy to come by. Given the current state of the Kingdom of Sardinia, getting another loan is almost impossible.

Now the Hungarian Republic is in dire straits. If the Austrian civil war ends but the Venice conflict has not, one can imagine the consequences.


On the Venice frontline, the headquarters of the Sardinian Kingdom army, Bardorio was spiritedly directing operations—no, commanding the troops.

Putting aside the relative combat strength of the forces, at least in terms of troop numbers, the Kingdom of Sardinia had an absolute advantage.

The Austrian Empire could commit no more than one hundred thousand troops to the Venice battlefield, whereas Bardorio had two hundred thousand soldiers at his command. Even with some forces tied up due to the Lombardy uprising, he still had one hundred sixty thousand.