Chapter 59, Conditions

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Rebellion is no child's play, nor is revolution akin to hosting a dinner party, for it's easy to board a ship but hard to disembark. Even though he knew he had been duped, Rehn now had no choice but to follow the path to darkness.

They had no choice, but it did not mean others were without options; the well-informed nobility were already aware of the danger.

Undoubtedly, it was a chess game targeted at them, and unfortunately, they had jumped right into it. The rebel army was lacking in weapons and ammunition and had not won the support of the masses, making success seem hopeless.

They lacked even the strength to negotiate with the Vienna Government with the power they held.

The nobility from the Czech region mostly hailed from the Germany Region and had intricate ties with the Vienna nobility. However, these connections were not enough to keep them safe during the rebellion.