Chapter 58, Countdown

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Ever since the negotiations had begun, Abdulmejid I's mood had never improved, having just been threatened by the Russians, and now it was the Austrian representative's turn to enter the fray.

Metstetz was a pure diplomat, not as aggressive as Menshikov, and Austria's demands were not as excessive as those of the Russians, so there was still room for discussion.

Abdulmejid I declared firmly, "Mr. Metstetz, your country's demands are too excessive. The Moldavian Principality and the Wallachia Principality are sacred and indivisible parts of the Ottoman Empire and absolutely cannot be ceded!"

(Note: The Wallachia Principality is in today's southern region of Romania; the Moldavian Principality is in today's northern Romania, Moldova, and parts of Ukraine.)

However, as he said this, his confidence was somewhat lacking, for they were being targeted by both Russia and Austria at the same time.