Chapter 57, John Bull's Plan (New Week, Asking for Votes)

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While fooling the Paris Government, Austria's Foreign Ministry naturally did not forget about the London Government, which, in this era, the Great Britain Empire was very powerful.

As the only industrialized nation in the world at that time, it was their moment of glory. Fortunately, the narrowness of the British mainland constrained population growth, otherwise, there would be no opportunity for others to rise.

In the 1848 revolution, the British were also unable to avoid turmoil, but compared to countries such as France and Austria, their struggles were relatively minor.

The Revolutionaries, ambitious yet unskilled, were suppressed by the police before they could even erupt. In the end, after a few strikes, the unrest came to a swift conclusion.

Franz knew that the Sardinian War was actually orchestrated by the British. Before the Kingdom of Sardinia deployed troops, British Foreign Secretary Palmerston had already begun lobbying King Charles Albert.