Chapter 55, The Hard Days Have Come

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Bardolio still underestimated the impact of defeating Austria, and for political needs, King Charles promptly granted him the rank of Marshal.

For the Italians, defeating Austria in this era was indeed exhilarating, and if the victories continued, it is feared that the Italian States would all confer upon him the rank of Marshal.

Through the propaganda of the Kingdom of Sardinia, Bardolio quickly became a hero of Italy, but being a hero was not easy, as he could not leave any blemish behind.

For instance, now that the citizens of Milan City could not buy food, they turned to him to solve the problem, since he was the planner of the grain arson incident.

As a hero of Italy, his word had to be his bond, and the promise he previously made to supply everyone with food now had to be honored.

General Bardolio's political lessons were passable, or rather it should now be Marshal Bardolio, although his formal investiture had not yet taken place, which was of no great importance.